Our book:
Resonance in Companies

Our book 'Resonance in Companies - Human Relationships as the Key to Sustainable Change' will soon be published by Vahlen Verlag (in German)


It has never been so important for companies to constantly adapt and change. And it has never been so difficult. Because massive crises and technological leaps, complexity, uncertainty, unpredictability and ambiguity characterize the economic environment.

This book shows how companies can sustainably strengthen their ability to change - with motivated people who welcome change and feel effective in the change process. The key to this is the quality of human relationships - in short, resonance within the company.

On more than 200 pages, the book provides concrete concepts and methods for resonance-based transformation. The book goes into the theoretical foundations of resonance and shows how companies can create the necessary psychological conditions for a lasting and sustainable ability to change.

Using practical examples, it describes how companies can systematically and continuously strengthen resonance in their teams and in the organization as a whole.

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