The future belongs to companies of a new type.

For these companies we develop new strategies, structures and
social operating systems.


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How can our current organisations be made capable of surviving in complex and highly dynamic systems?

How do we reconcile our economic action with people's social needs?

How do we create an environment in which people and organisations can change continuously and constructively?

What mental models do we need for the digital age?


The future belongs to companies of a new type. Companies that are successful primarily through a high quality of human relationships and that function like neural networks.

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Our consulting is different so that companies become different. In our work we combine a change of thinking with a change of things.

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We develop strategies, structures and social operating systems for companies of a new type.

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Our work

Strategy development

Transformation support

Organizational and team development

Leadership development


Articles & activities

Our ideas, perspectives, thought experiments and publications can be found here

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We work with the very big ones and some very small ones.

Allianz, Alliuris, AXA Deutschland, Bayer, Bundesverband Windenergie, Charité, Clearstream Banking Luxembourg, Deutsche Arzt AG, Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Donner & Reuschel Privatbank, Dow Chemicals, DSM, ECE Projektmanagement, EKD Evangelische Kirche Deutschland, Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL), Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Pfizer, RBH Logistics, Roche Pharma, ROLAND Rechtsschutz, SAP, Schweizer Armee, Toll Collect, UBS, WestLotto

Social responsibility

We feel that we are part of a larger whole, take responsibility for it and actively shape the future of our society.

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