The future belongs to companies of a new type. They are characterized by five basic principles.

1. Resonance
• In companies of a new type, people work together in a high quality of relationship and achieve extraordinary results.
• These companies act in resonance with employees, customers, partners and society.

2. Heterarchy
• Companies of the new type function like neural networks and act as dynamic, learning organisms. They are thus better able to deal with complexity and ambiguity and to change in a self-organized and constructive manner.
• These companies are developing hybrid organizational and decision-making structures in which hierarchical, sociocratic and heterarchical elements are interlinked.

3. Qualitative growth
• Companies of the new type understand growth in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

4. Disruptive hyperfunctionality
• Companies of the new type think and act systemically - and thus move beyond classical industry boundaries and market sectors.
• They constantly question the status quo, integrate and innovate business models and cannibalize their own business areas. In this way, they constantly reinvent and grow beyond themselves.

5. High Performance
• Employees in these companies approach their work with shining eyes every day, speak with their own voice, act with overall responsibility and enjoy pursuing common goals.


Our consulting is different so that companies become different.

• We help our customers to let go of the old and take on radically new perspectives. We touch people with our work.

• In our work we always combine a change of thinking with a change of things. Because every successful change of things requires a change of thinking.

• When designing, planning and implementing global transformation projects, we integrate strategic work with the development of dynamic skills within the company.

• The basis of our work is resonance. In everything we do, we try to deepen the relationship quality of the people involved. In this way we create the conditions for collective intelligence.

• We provide holistic consulting services, using knowledge from philosophy, sociology, psychology, neuro- and economic sciences as well as Japanese martial arts.

• We are honest, authentic and clear and thus enable real change.

• We develop new social practices and ways of working for achieving extraordinary results.


We develop strategies, structures and
social operating systems
for companies of a new type.

Strategy development
• We develop strategies and business models in an emergent process.
• We create vision and mission involving the entire organization.
• We shape the mental models necessary to implement new strategies.

Transformation support
• We design, plan and manage global transformation projects.
• We create resonance with all stakeholders involved.
• We deepen the quality of communication as part of the transformation and beyond.
• We coach key players in the transformation process.
• We measure the success of transformative change.

Organizational and team development
• We develop resonance in organizations and teams by systematically creating a new quality of relationships and introducing the necessary social practices.
• We measure relationship quality with analysis tools developed by us.
• We establish systems of self-organized team development to create high-performance teams.
• We design and implement new processes, decision-making structures and operating models.
• We build new working environments that guarantee significantly higher productivity.

Leadership development
• We design leadership principles for the digital future.
• We evaluate and refine the leadership understanding of management teams.
• We support newly appointed board members in the implementation of their 100-day program.