Social responsibility

We feel that we are part of a larger whole, take responsibility for it and actively shape the future of our society.

fibonacci & friends supports Médecins Sans Frontières

In conflict areas, after natural disasters and during epidemics, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides medical aid to millions of people who would otherwise be left alone and could die from their illnesses or injuries. MSF also reports on the plight o patients worldwide and make their situation public. Especially when they have hardly been heard so far. For what they do, MSF has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

Medicins Sans Frontieres

Nicole is active in Women's IT Network

Classical role models have long since had their day! Women can and want to participate in technical professions, management and boards of directors. Analyses have confirmed that mixed teams lead to more corporate success. But what about the work-life balance? How is it possible to reconcile career and family? How can salary gaps be closed? The FIT Congress brings together women entrepreneurs, managers and experts to network and exchange ideas about opportunities and challenges. As a highlight, power women in IT are honoured with the WIN Award in various categories.Nicole has been supporting the FIT Congress as a volunteer moderator of the VIP panel discussion with female IT executives since 2017.

FIT Congress

Google Impact Challenge

Nicole was co-author of the study accompanying the Google Impact Challenge. The key finding of the study: 96% of social organisations see potential for NGOs to increase their social effectiveness through digitisation. At the same time, 90% of the social sector still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitisation. However, digitisation must not be reduced to the use of application software. The way organizations work transforms equally and in interaction with the new tools. Many organizations operate in a networked and decentralized manner, but agility is still lacking. 

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Non-profits need more digital competence!

This is a central result of the study "Digitisation of non-profit organisations - strategy, culture and competences in digital change", which Nicole helped to initiate and implement. Important conclusion of the analysis: The pressure to act, the scope of the need for change, but also the opportunities of digitisation are often still underestimated in the non-profit sector. Digitisation requires organizations not only to invest in technology, but also to make far-reaching changes in processes, structures, working techniques, culture and strategy. Only in this way can the opportunities of digitisation be leveraged for greater social impact and social change be successfully shaped. 

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